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Aurora Valley (previous location) is a place of freedom for every living soul on earth.  It is a place of harmony and love, a place where you experience the true magic of nature, animals and humans. I stayed  for three and a half months with Beate and the animals. Every single one of them made my stay a  very special time because it was a little bit more than just a 'stay'.  It was living with nature and horses and also a living  where I finally found the tranquility and the harmony  to learn about myself. The five horses at Aurora Valley are true healers. The time I spent with them goes far beyond Natural Horsemanship and while I slowly discovered their individual personalities, they all made me discover myself. Spending sunrise in the paddock with the horses slowly waking up, seemed like they were coming back from a different world and you realize how we rush through the day and the happy moments, whereas horses know how to start a day: in peace with themselves, the other herd members and nature around. The beautiful trailrides in the landscape of Byron and on the beach on horses you fully trust was a wonderful experience, but also the work in the arena and on the property was always interesting and exciting because Beate has such a talent for creating wonderful obstacle courses and tasks so that it is not just about training the horse or improving your horsemanship skills but about having fun and enjoying the beautiful connection with the horse. Rose, Echo, Buffalo, Tammie and little Pablo are horses who are able to spread the magic and their special wisdom about life into your heart and around all of Aurora Valley and if you are open-hearted to learn about the magic you will discover a lot more about yourself and your own ability to love and enjoy life with all the little moments that make you smile. Not just the horses make this place so special. Beate is a special woman who gives you a loving and supporting background. She gives room to everyone to unfold the inner strength and awareness of your individual life as part of nature. Thank you Beate also for the beautiful creative ideas like the soul collage and  painting the horses which were very special and heaps of fun and also thank you for every day in your wonderful home. I learned a lot from you, about the horses and about life. You are a great teacher and friend! In Italian "aurora" means "dawn" and my experience at your place was like a dawn that brings light into new areas of my life. Thanks for that special time. Every part of Aurora Valley will stay in my heart forever.            

                                                                                                    Lena (Germany), November 2013

I stayed for 4 weeks... I had such a great time with Beate, who is an amazingly inspiring person and a great host, met lots of her lovely friends and of course enjoyed every second with the wonderful animals. This is such a peaceful place, you will completely lose yourself in the beautiful nature and the positive spirit that goes out from every creature living here (I exclude those with less than 2 and more than 4 legs:-))..... If you are open you will learn and experience a lot about horses that goes beyond the ‘normal riding’, I felt a true connection after a very short time which was really magic… (however the amazing beach and bush rides were definitely a highlight too!!!!). I also got the chance to get around and experience the vibrant wider Byron Bay area with its inspiring alternative lifestyle. Last but not least you will be spoiled with delicious healthy organic local food which together with the physical work made me feel almost ‘de-toxed’ after 4 weeks:-) This was a great experience and it was so hard to leave that I’d just love to return straightaway! Thanks Beate for hosting me, thanks for all your efforts and the great conversations! I’ll be back.                                                                                                                                                                  Julia (Switzerland), May 2013
I am so grateful for all the beautiful experiences I made and people I've met and time I spend in the most beautiful places in Australia. And one of my favourite places is still your farm and I love talking about the amazing time I had and things I learned.   You'll always be a part of all this which made me the person I am now.  Thank you!                                                                               Greta (Germany), February 2013
Adam from Germany, who stayed for a few days, called Aurora Valley "Das Haus der Gruenen Ruhe" which translates to "The Home of Green Tranquility".                                                                   February 2013


Beate, the horses,  the place, even the  cats  and dogs radiate this joyful and  peaceful vibe that made me feel at ease and safe to open up and feel into my situation and the issues presenting during my session.  Beate is a gifted healer even though she likes to say it is the horses doing the work and that she is simply creating a safe space for growth and healing to occur. Thank you so very much.

                                                                                                       Alice (Australia), February 2013




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