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I went out today day with a friend to take her on a ride. We had just climbed through the fence, both with halters in hand, when Buffalo, aka Tatonka, invited me to ‘The Grove’ and the shade of summer’s lush Liquid Amber trees. I gladly accepted as this usually also means entering the realm of Magic.

Once there, I leaned up against the trunk of a tree, squatting, and a sense of belonging to the earth came over me, creating a feeling of relaxation and safety. I closed my eyes and after what seemed like no more than a brief moment, I sensed Buffalo’s presence. When I opened my eyes he was standing in front of me, very close, no more than a meter away. His eyes looked soft and still. I then watched as his eye lids gradually closed and his head began to droop until his muzzle touched my chest where it remained. I felt his warm and delicious breath on me…


I had been practising conscious breathing daily, in the morning as part of my yoga routine and during the day because it was slowly, slowly becoming second nature. Well, sometimes and sometimes not.

So I focused my mind on my breathing and how it felt in my body - relaxing my abdomen so it could expand with ease during the inhalation and actively contracting the abdomen for the exhalation, just like I had been taught.


Then, Tatonka began to speak:


“When you inhale, relax your belly, chest and entire body and with this relaxation breathe in trust. When you exhale, make it an active exhalation by engaging your core and lower abdomen muscles. This is your chance to express, holding the trust you have allowed into your being and to create your vision and your heart’s desire. Breathe in relaxation and trust. Breathe out your unique expression and creation. Breathe pure consciousness. Be breathed by the breath of the Divine.”


Take Time 2 Smell the Horses

horses healing humans healing horses

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