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The Heart Knows No Limits

Your host, Beate:

This is usually the place where people introduce themselves via their credentials, diplomas, etc. I am going to keep this part brief and want to say instead that my journey is colorful and varied and continues to be so... I feel blessed and grateful that in my life I have followed my passions most of the time, though not always without challenges and pain.

Studies I have undertaken include Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy, Equine Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, Heart Math, Reiki and SoulCollage®. 

My latest enterprise came about through the discovery of a couple of natural health supplement which have helped me recover from a number of ailments such as joint discomfort, brain fog, exhaustion and insomnia. With a lifelong passion to help people take charge of their health, I am now sharing these products as a distributor with a small team of like-minded and entrepreneurial women. Please check out the link below to "Musketeers with Heart"!

I had a significant growth spurt through the teachings of Christian Pankhurst from Heart IQ.

During the eighties and nineties I conducted Birth Preparation and Babyswimming classes in my business  "First Breath - Waterbirth and Babyswimming". During this period I was also blessed with the birth of my two beautiful and now grown up daughters. A magical and deeply fulfilling time in my life!

As a deeply spiritual (not religious!) woman I am guided on a daily basis by the study and practice of the Arameic Beatitudes and Sufism. This nourishes my soul.

SoulCollage®, an intuitive and non-confrontational art therapy process for self inquiry & self expression and as a way of journaling, offers guidance with life's questions. I find it deeply nurturing and supporting of all of who I am, so much so that I became an accredited SoulCollage® Facilitator, running workshops and an ongoing Circle for SoulCollagers.

My previous work in Equine Therapy evolved to stepping back more and more, holding a safe space and allowing the horses to show the way.  Since The Herd and I moved from the North Coast of NSW to Tenterfield in the NSW Northern Tablelands, together we are now delving deeper into Animal Communication. June 2017 saw me in Botswana on an Animal Communication Safari with world renowned animal communicator Anna Breytenbach. Upon my return, friends and clients would ask keenly: "How was it? What did you learn?"

I did not find it easy to capture the essence of my experience and learning in words until I came to the chapter on 'Extraordinary Sensing' in "The Sufi Book of Life - 99 Pathways of the Heart for the Modern Derwish" by Neil-Douglas-Klotz which suggests that extra-sensory abilities are not miraculous, they are completely natural. They are one of the pathways of the heart, reminding us of our connection to Source. By integrating them into our lives we contact the place in us where Source opens our inner senses to the subtle activities of the divine life all around. Let the heart be like an empty mirror.

The mind also needs to empty and in my understanding, unlearning is one of the keys. Methods are a crutch and this also applies to horsemanship. At most, it is of value to practise exercises that help us re-member, remind and encourage us, reinforce the newly discovered...

From other readings I have also come to understand that native cultures do not have a special word for intuition or psychic abilities as they are considered innate to every living being. There is no need to specifically mention them.

Putting one foot in front of the other, each step leading to the next and remembering that everything is connected, I was not surprised to find the following chapter in "The Sufi Book of Life" speaking of 'Channeling Extraordinary Power'.

Life is energy. Life is movement and action. Life is vibrations like waves rising and falling. So do we rise and fall throughout life and have apparent successes and failures yet all the time moving towards our true destination without even knowing it.

I leave you with this:

Quantum Physics suggests that when the smallest ‘particles’ of matter are broken down even further, there exist only vast amounts of space filled with possibilities and probabilities…

The universe and everything in it is holographic in nature and every single part of a hologram contains the information of the whole. If one part shifts and changes, so too must the representation of it shift and change throughout the whole hologram.


Ancient Sufism must have held this knowledge… just have a look at the poem by Sufi mystic Shabistari:


Dive deeply into a drop of water and

a hundred oceans will flood you.

Look into a mote of dust and

a million nameless beings will jump out.

A hundred harvests rest in a germ of barley seed and

in the right light an insect wing reflects the sea.

Why be surprised?

Deep in the pupil of my eye lie cosmic rays and

the center of my heart beats with the pulse of the cosmos.


Infinite Potential


Take Time 2 Smell the Horses

horses healing humans healing horses

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