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Horses possess acute awareness of their inner and outer environments. They recognise emotions as subtle shifts in energy and use them as information without judging them. They change something in response to the energy and bring themselves back to safety and balance. Through the interaction with horses you can learn to reawaken and reconnect all of your senses and understand the messages behind emotions. These cards will allow you to find daily inspiration and practical wisdom straight from the horse's mouth.

The Authentic Voice Cards speak to a wide audience. Stunning visual images capturing the spirit of horses and nature are combined with a good dose of common sense, a practical approach to spirituality and a focus on heart centered emotional intelligence. This is a unique deck of cards and makes an excellent tool in the hands of nature and horse lovers, practitioners and participants of Equine Therapy, those on a spiritual path and anyone on a journey back to the heart and to wholeness.

These cards can also prompt horse owners, trainers and riders to look at their horses through different eyes and that both human and horse will benefit. Furthermore, the Authentic Voice Cards have the potential to open the door to the field of equine therapy and learning for people who are not yet familiar with this powerful healing modality.

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