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The Heart is a River

Riversong is a sanctuary for human and horse. It is a place and time for deep rest, rejuvenation and reconnection with yourself, the environment and a greater consciousness.

Bordering a National Park near Tenterfield on the New England Tablelands, Riversong offers abundant wild and birdlife, a beautiful river, gorgeous views over verdant hills, absolute privacy, bushwalking and trailriding possibilities to your heart's delight and so much more....

A Herd of six horses, four of them Brumbies, roam freely over the fifty acre property. When you arrive they come curiously to greet you and regularly choose to hang out for a while, sharing time of meditation, healing, play and gentle connection. Sharing their hearts, they have much to teach us.

At the moment we don't offer any structured courses or even have a timetable... but people have been finding their way here when the time is right...


Take Time 2 Smell the Horses

horses healing humans healing horses

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